Using a Sales Engagement Platform with a Predictive Sales Playbook informed by Buyer Engagement Analytics at each step of the buyer's journey yields an elevated buyer experience and success for your sales team. 

Sales Process improved by Sales Engagement Platform with Predictive Sales Playbook and Buyer Engagement Analytics

DealHub's Sales Engagement Platform features an end-to-end solution, which includes CPQ, Interactive Contract Management, E-sign, Workflow Approval, Engagement Tracking, and a Predictive Sales Playbook

DealHub's unified platform connects your sales process so that sales reps, sales operations, and finance all realize the benefits. DealHub helps you to:

  • Ramp new hires faster
  • Increase win rate
  • Decrease sales cycle duration
  • Increase active selling time
  • Decrease sales admin time
  • Create an accurate end-to-end view of the funnel
  • Improve forecasting
  • Elevate the buyer experience

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