Rosalyn Santa Elena: How to Build a Successful Revenue Operations Career

Posted on Oct 14, 2020

About Rosalyn

Rosalyn Santa Elena is the Head of Revenue Operations at Clari.

Rosalyn brings 20+ years of Revenue Operations and leadership expertise to the conversation, having worked at large companies like Synopsys and Brocade, and more recently building and shaping Rev Ops from the ground up in start-ups. What becomes apparent is her effervescent passion for Rev Ops as well as the knowledge that you have to be intentional about how you create a pathway for success.

Defining Revenue Operations

  • When asked what is revenue operations, the answer may be different depending upon the companies.
  • Revenue operations serves as an end-to-end position. It is the infrastructure and support of the revenue process. Revenue operations spans the systems, tools, processes, policies, and the overall alignment across all of the customer-facing teams.
  • Brings to light the importance of the customer journey being a frictionless process.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic caused a lot of companies to quickly change their operating plans and market strategies. Companies with well-established revenue operations teams and infrastructure had more seamless transitions.
  • Revenue Operations is a strategic advisor and chief of staff role.

The Mindset of Successful Revenue Operations

  • Revenue operations teams aren't there to be a help desk or run data reports. The true role of revenue operations is to identify blind spots, be a business partner, and bubble up insights. 
  • To start being more strategic, you must have a better understanding of the objective. Where are we trying to go? Then, pulling the data or the information to help decipher that and solve a problem.
  • Shifting your focus on how to help solve problems. Instead of looking at new technology, as just implementing a tool, look at it as though you are solving a problem. You’re enabling the team to be more productive and more efficient.

Revenue Operations Toolbox

  • Since revenue ops covers the entire customer journey end-to-end, there are a lot of parts and pieces to know. While some people might have strengths in this role, there may be parts that do not come as easily.
  • With all of these moving pieces, it’s best to focus on honing your skills one at a time. As you put each new skill into your toolbox, you can expand into different areas.
  • When starting out on revenue operations teams, it’s crucial to have a strong foundation in several areas to be able to correctly build operations processes.

Getting Started in Revenue Operations

  • Take advantage of opportunities to create or improve revenue operations processes. Take a chance to move into a new area, hone that expertise, and then continue to expand into more areas of operations.
  • Revenue operations teams have a place in all businesses, big and small. Small startups may require rolling up your sleeves and getting into the weeds to have a hand in every single detail.

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