Rachel Likens: Level Up Your Virtual SKO with Captivating Tech and Personalized Breakouts

Posted on Nov 11, 2020

About Rachel

Rachel Likens is Sales Strategy & Enablement Manager at Zscaler.

Rachel is a forward-thinking Sales Enablement leader who both understands and accepts that a remote sales kick-off event in 2021 presents new challenges in how we engage and capture the attention and imagination of our sales teams. She shares her expertise and insights with us, starting with the realization that preparing attendees' mindsets starts before the event even starts (in the weeks that lead up to it). She then walks us through her use of technology, personalization, and virtual booths to create an immersive experience that can be rolled forward into 2021.

Aside from being a great sales stragedy and enablement leader Rachel also has a heart for those people and communities that are under-resourced. Her time in West Africa had a shaping influence on her world view.

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About the podcast

The RevAmp podcast derives from two words: Revenue + Amplification. This series has been produced specifically to give a voice to the sales and revenue operations professionals who have invaluable experiences to share. We have seen the scope for this role, as well as the recognition, expectations, and tools have rapidly changed over the last couple of years. The reality is that there are not enough high-quality resources for fellow professionals to use as a benchmark or learning curve. DealHub knows how important it is to be well resourced so we have put together this RevAmp podcast for your benefit.

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