Michelle Tuzman: The Right Time to Create an Account-Based Selling Strategy

Posted on Jul 02, 2020


About Michelle

Michelle is a Senior Manager of Sales Operations and Enablement at Electric.

Michelle recognized the benefits of moving her Sales Operations process from a method that could be described as a ‘spray-and-pray’ - which brought immediate benefits of testing the market for relevant penetration points - to a strategic selling process that focuses on defining the target accounts, geographies, and verticals that enable her sales organization to bring new customers in a more efficient manner. This transition resulted in higher deal value and shorter sales cycles.

During the transition from their previous acquisition strategy to account-based selling, Michelle and her team at Electric discovered that refining the process meant being more intentional about whom they wanted to reach out to and nurturing prospects over a longer time. 

Clarity on the Ideal Customer Profile

  • The signal to shift to account-based sales strategies was when they got a clear understanding of their ideal customer and the need to focus on those who needed and were ready for their product.
  • Developing an ideal customer profile helped Electric's sales team be more intentional in whom they wanted to have conversations with and how they could guide those conversations.
  • Defining criteria such as company size and industry helped them determine the target accounts who need their product.

A Mixed Touch Approach

  • Using a three-week sales sequence, combining automated and customized conversations, allowed the sales team to be thoughtful with how they interact with prospects and convert them. 
  • This mixed touch approach over a longer outreach sequence was more effective than a 3-day sprint. Working accounts for a longer period of time increased their conversion rate.
  • Some prospects need a longer time to see a need and respond to nurturing. Electric is in the process of increasing its cadence to two months, in anticipation of an even greater conversion rate.

Tools Enable Scalability

  • Tools like Outreach and Gong helped them automate sales activity notifications so their sales team didn't miss any opportunities to follow up and understand the types of conversations they’re having with their customers and how to improve their messaging.
  • Intent and signal tools are the next sales tools that will make a big difference for Electric. If you know companies are actively researching a problem, looking to educate themselves, or actively evaluating vendors it's a good indicator Electric can help.
  • More structure in the sales process makes scalability easier. They are eliminating broken manual processes and setting up a framework to be able to scale much faster. And, that's going to result in higher revenue

The Key to Change Management

  • Change management is about creating new, better habits. Educating and enabling sales reps to understand why it's important to do something differently, and for them to see how it's going to benefit them, is a very important process to get right. 
  • For changes to stick, you have to have buy-in. Everyone's on the same track going the same direction.

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