Mario Martinez Jr.: Measuring the ROI of your Sales Tools and Technology

Posted on Oct 01, 2020

About Mario

Mario Martinez, Jr. is the CEO and Founder of Vengreso.

Mario brings his 20+ years of his Enterprise Sales experience, and the pivotal moment in his professional career where he challenged the status quo by asking the question, "What is the ROI on the sales tools that we are spending $1 million a year to use?" In this interview, he openly shares the methods that he used to achieve Executive sponsorship of the changes that needed to take place as well as the ROI learning that was uncovered. He has gone on to deliver his services to some of the largest Fortune companies and is featured as a Power Speaker for LinkedIn.

In this podcast, Mario will also give unique insight into his humble roots, and how that ascent shaped the leader that he is today.

Tools and Technology Audit

  • Companies may implement so many different tools and technologies over the year, but not keep track of how much money all of these are costing. After time, some resources may not be used but are still being paid for.

Sales Training versus Product Training

  • Teaching sellers where and how to click is product training, not sales training. Sales training actually focuses on the skill of being able to understand how to create that engagement with your buyer. 

How to Determine the ROI of Sales Tools and Technology

  • Some may be resistant to change for fear that sales teams will be upset. However, measuring the ROI allows leadership to determine what tools are most important and which can streamline the process in order to increase efficiency and productivity. 
  • Include a required field in the pipeline to indicate which tool was used to open an opportunity, as well as one to identify which was used to close the same opportunity. This empowers sales personnel to tell leadership which sales tools should be kept and which should be cut.
  • After implementing these required fields, sales leadership can see that sales reps attribute certain tools to the sales pipeline. Reps were surveyed and leadership found out that sales reps were unhappy with the product and had stopped using it.

Becoming an Agent of Change for ROI Measurement

  • Asking the hard questions is how the answers are found. Determine what is being used to open and close pipelines, and what isn’t.
  • Bring attention to the money being spent on technology that cannot be attributed to any sales opportunities.
  • Show how that money can be reinvested into useful tools and technology that can make the sales team more efficient and productive.

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About the podcast

The RevAmp podcast derives from two words: Revenue + Amplification. This series has been produced specifically to give a voice to the sales and revenue operations professionals who have invaluable experiences to share. We have seen the scope for this role, as well as the recognition, expectations, and tools have rapidly changed over the last couple of years. The reality is that there are not enough high-quality resources for fellow professionals to use as a benchmark or learning curve. DealHub knows how important it is to be well resourced so we have put together this RevAmp podcast for your benefit.

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