Ethan Gerstein: The Effective Sales to CSM Communication Process that Results in Revenue Accuracy

Posted on Nov 04, 2020

About Ethan

Ethan is Senior Director of Sales Operations at Namogoo.

Ethan is a dedicated Sales Operations professional who brings his experiences of building out a sales and customer success communication process that results in greater revenue achievement. The ability to center resources and team members from multiple lines of business around one common goal has led to new ways of understanding the borders between roles.

Ethan’s team wanted to solidify the handoff between sales and customer success so that their customers feel like they're engaged with Namogoo and his team is engaged with customers throughout the relationship.

A Better Customer Success Strategy

  • There are multiple signals that indicate an improved customer success strategy.  It can be as simple as the number of contacts and relationships that you have with a company during the sales process and their sales cycle. 
  • After the handoff from sales to customer success, the customer success team isn’t only working with the same three to five people that the sales team worked with. Build out these relationships and really work with the team at the brand or at the customer so that you understand what their pain points are and continue to work with them and grow with them and help them grow as well. 
  • The signal of good customer success for Namogoo is in looking at the level of engagement and the level of relationship that we have. The onboarding process is also a good indicator. If it's taking longer to onboard, you want to make that as seamless and easy as possible and work with the team there as well.

Changing the Relationship Between Customer Success Managers and Sales

  • Ethan explains that we're one team when we're aligned. We need the customer success team to understand the pain points from the sales team. The handoff from sales to customer success teams requires good communication and sharing data and background on the customer, and not just passing an account off to customer success. We want everyone to be in lockstep, working together to solve problems together for the customer.
  • To measure success, the uplift in revenue is something that Ethan’s team looked at very closely. They look for additional opportunities being created and where those opportunities are coming from? Are they coming from upsells? And cross-sells, how far in advance are they able to have their renewal conversations, and can they get renewal signs sooner?
  • His team has started the process of using the business development team to map accounts and bring more people at the customer into the fold earlier, rather than just using them to go out and prospect new accounts. They want to understand where are opportunities for upsells and cross-sells across the wider customer organization.
  • As a result of BDRs and CSRs working together to develop opportunities, Ethan has had to get creative with remuneration so credit is given appropriately and the teams understand their role in the growth of the business.
  • Ethan shares that he works closely with marketing. He still wants to bring in new business and get out in front of people to bring Namagoo’s message to prospects. But that doesn't mean letting customers sit on the sideline. His team will educate customers not just on how Namogoo can continue to help them, but also on other solutions they offer.

Communicating Processes Across Teams

  • Getting everyone on board starts from the top down, looking at the KPIs and building those indicators into the CRM. Driving the behavior is a little more challenging.
  • The Executive team wants more consistency when they log into the CRM. However, you're no longer sitting in an office with them where they can just either tap you on the shoulder or give you a quick call. The design has become more important - understanding how if you change one thing in the process, it actually impacts every team from finance to marketing, to CS, to sales, to BDRs. 
  • It all boils down to communication, being upfront, and communicating what you're working on. 

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