Billy Stein: How Sales Operations can Focus on Measuring Revenue-Driving Metrics

Posted on Jun 13, 2020

About Billy

Billy is a Sales Strategy & Operations Manager at ServiceTitan.

Billy has plied his trade as a sales professional, and used that learning to good effect with a renewed passion for using data to inform a more effective sales process. He is part of an outstanding team at ServiceTitan that delivers a mobile, cloud-based software platform that helps home services companies streamline operations, improve customer service, and increase sales. ServiceTitan's end-to-end solution for the multi-billion dollar residential home services industry. Billy brings a huge amount of the energy, enthusiasm, knowledge, and insight to this podcast, as well as an easily approachable manner that makes it easy to take away learning on the metrics that really drive revenue.

Every sales and revenue operations professional that we interview gives their unique set of experiences and insights; we also learned that besides being a talented RevAmp guest he is also a huge Manchester United fan despite living half-way around the world.

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About the podcast

The RevAmp podcast derives from two words: Revenue + Amplification. This series has been produced specifically to give a voice to the sales and revenue operations professionals who have invaluable experiences to share. We have seen the scope for this role, as well as the recognition, expectations, and tools have rapidly changed over the last couple of years. The reality is that there are not enough high-quality resources for fellow professionals to use as a benchmark or learning curve. DealHub knows how important it is to be well resourced so we have put together this RevAmp podcast for your benefit.

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Topics: Process Building, KPIs, Data & Analytics