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  • Automate your quoting process
  • Ensure efficiency and accuracy
  • Get real-time insights on deals


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DealHub CPQ manages even the most challenging configurations. Every new product is seamlessly updated, configured, and priced on the back end so each product parameter is easy to set up or change at any given time.


DealHub CPQ generates consistent pricing and discounts for each product type. It automates pricing to streamline sales processes and enrich your sales CRM with more accurate and consistent customer sales data.


Create dynamic quotes with easy-to-use templates and layouts designed for various formats including webpage, link, PDF, Word, and Excel. Generate error-free quotes by automating and personalizing your offering to delight your customers every time.


"If you are a SaaS company trying to streamline the quote to cash process, this tool is by far has the most appealing solution on the market."

Matt Sansone
Sales Operations Team

"DealHub.io helps our Sales reps get up to speed with our product catalogue and how we sell...to allow for rapid proposal generation."

Ryley Giard
Salesforce Solutions Architect

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